Story and Philospohy

Our story is still in the making; but at the very base of it you will always find an unlimited passion for our family Pasta alla Checca and a desire to promote tasty, healthy food respectful of natural production cycles.

What inspires us?
Home flavors nostalgia; an unconditional love for made to order street food and the pleasure of accompanying our beloved and inimitable Pasta alla Checca with a selection of delicious, nutritious, light and authentic Italian family recipes.

The art of combined express cuisine and a practical and fast service with traditional dishes, recipes of memory and the best possible raw materials; including numerous Slow Food Presidia.
Ciao Checca is a local Slow Food Chefs Association.

The Spoon

Without him our Pasta alla Checca would have no reason to exist.
The Italian word for cucchiaio (spoon) comes from coclea (Latin for snail) inspired by the Nautilus spiral. Which happens to be nature’s most perfect shape and we are great fans of the golden proportion.


Today more than ever it is essential to protect the beauty and goodness of our planet.
In Ciao Checca we only use completely compostable containers,
energy efficient appliances, natural paint and all our furniture comes from recycled materials.

Gluten Free

We also created a gluten-free menu
and all of our dishes are made with fresh, nutritious and ethical ingredients from local producers or farmers respectful of territory and environment. Because health and sustainability have everything to do with what we eat.