Our very own ‘Checca’ (Pronounced Kekka)
is not a pasta salad but
a warm, scrumptious
dish eaten with a spoon.

The origins are in Roman cuisine;
pasta, vine tomatoes, mozzarella, salt, oil, basil.
Mixed fresh on the spot.

Ours is particularly delicious because we select
only the best ingredients
produced by farms respectful
of the environment, the surrounding territory and natural production cycles.
On top of it, we never rush things, especially in the kitchen.

Ciao Checca home recipes,
all prepared with love,
have the correct balance of fibers, protein and carbohydrates.
Everything we cook and serve is natural;
we do not use microwaves, chemical agents nor food altering additives.

Ciao Checca does not support
the exploi­tation of labor, livestock, resources and agriculture.
For us food is about respect, culture,
history, passion, tradition and creativity.
But above all, it’s about honesty.